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Two Franchising Opportunities!

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Candy Safari

Candy Safari is an amazing candy store concept that is perfectly situated for water parks, amusement parks, arenas, strip mall, traditional mall setting and so much more!



Candy Food Truck

Candy Food Truck is the greatest traveling food truck around. Candy Food Truck has the largest selection of candy with over 200 unique varieties to choose from!

Why Become A Franchisee:

  • Very unique franchise opportunity.You can make this business whatever you want it to be. You are mobile, so you set your own hours. We are the ultimate “be your own boss” business.
  • Minimal investment with high profitabilityThat is what makes us the best. Think about mobility, flexibility, profitability and fun ability. That is what we bring to the table. We via you, become one of the most involved businesses in each of our communities across the country.
  • Take control your own destinyLive the sweet life on your own terms, Candy Food Truck is the perfect business for you. Let us take you on a sweet ride to see what it would be like to be a Candy Food Truck franchisee.

Minimal Investment:

When you are deciding to go into business for yourself, wouldn’t it be sweet to not have to mortgage your house just to get your chance? From inceptions of Candy Food Truck, the idea was to make it an affordable business to make entry into and to operate.  Candy Food Truck is all about creating a magical experience to be just as great to you as to all of the customer’s that you will be bringing smiles to daily. Candy Food Truck is one of the most affordable franchises available for aspiring entrepreneurs.

With expansion plans always the company’s focus, the formula was created to ensure of a sound system that works and is proven, we have accomplished that. By creating a model that differs from most coupled with a royalty FREE based franchise offering, you are able enjoy the fruits,  or should be say, the candies of your labor! How sweet huh? Build the sweet life with us today!

Reason why to take a serious look at Candy Food Truck:

  • Fully built Candy Food truck
  • Proven model
  • Flexibility Schedule
  • Proprietary Products
  • Increased brand value on day one
  • 200 assortment of Candy
  • Low investment cost
  • 24/7 support
  • Industry experience
  • 20 yrs of experience franchisor

We Are Different:

  • Very unique franchise opportunity.Candy Food Truck is one of the most unique franchise opportunities in the fast growing food truck market. Get in now, this is the future of candy!
  • There is no other food truck in existence that has the unique mix of over 200 varieties of candy and a frozen drink machine. Think of the ice cream man of the 21 st century, now change that to the Candyman, that is who we are and you can be. Candy Food Trucks are super clean, built for you with excellence and modernization unlike the ice cream Trucks. Experience the future of the mobile and flexible market with Candy Food Truck, a revolution idea tried and true now made possible for you!
  • We set up in neighborhoods, with procured contracts with daycares, nursing homes, businesses, churches, schools, city parks, city pools, fairs, festivals and more. We are always welcomed because of our no minimum and no booking fee program. That sets us apart from most food trucks that have perishable items and have to sell them that day or they have waste. Candy has a shelf life of years, so never the dear of our sweets going sour...
  • We are also welcomed to set up with other food trucks because there is no crossover on what they sell to what we sell. When other food trucks are excited, just like the customer , to be set up with Candy Food Truck

Why I Love It:

Seeing the smiles on children of all ages faces is the greatest part of my day. No matter if you’re having a bad day, there is an immediate joy when a young child walks up to the window of a Candy Food Truck and is immediately overwhelmed by the over 200 kinds of candy staring back at them. This will bring more than monetary profits, it brings mutual joy!

The smiles in their eyes and on their faces makes doing this the greatest job in the world. And knowing that every time a sale is made you are making 75% plus profit is obviously a significant plus. Do what you love, love what you do with a Candy Food Truck Franchise!

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Why this Sweet Opportunity?

Candy Food Truck and Candy Safari opened its first retail store in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2017.
The concept was created by Shane Emerson, who has been in the candy business since 1991.

Shane believes that people of all ages and backgrounds want to have a great time and enjoy delicious candy. What can be more fun that having a Candy Food Truck that travels to your neighborhood, daycare, festival, etc?

Creating a model that brings smiles and profits is a tough challenge, but one that has been accomplished by the Candy Food Truck team!

One of the many attributes that make a Candy Food Truck Franchise unique if the Giant $1 Dollar Candy Wall. We take the top selling 100 candy items and bag them into small portions that we sell for just a $1.00. Even in a lower socioeconomic environment, every kid or adult can afford to walk away with a smile on their face from Candy Food Truck or Candy Safari

Do you think you have what it takes? Do you have a passion for making people smile? If so, reach out today and lets see if we are a good match and get your rolling in your neighborhood and let the good times roll!

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